Contact information

The rafts are now sailing, but we can still be reached thanks to satellites and solar panels.

Press inquires can be sent to

While at sea, Expedition leader Torgeir Higraff can be reached on

News editor, webmaster and Chief Technology Officer Håkon Wium Lie can be reached on

Chief Scientist Cecilie Mauritzen can be reached on

Captain Kari Skår Dahl can be reached on

Also, these addresses should work to reach crem members:,,,

The phone number to the Tupac Yupanqui raft is +881 677758255.

The phone number to the Rahiti Tane is +881 622438644.

To save electrical energy, phones are not on all day/night. The beste time to call is daytime, between noon and 2PM local time (which corresponds roughly to EST, and is 7PM-9PM Norwegian time).